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Adding Contacts


In order to add a contact to the Biscotti please log into MyBiscotti.

1. Click the Contacts button near the top of the page.

2. Click the Add Contacts button at the top of the Contacts list.  You then have two options to add a contact.

            a) Manually add your contact by filling out the information under the Create Contact section.  This is used when adding a SIP contact that may not be using         a Biscotti such as a account.

            b) Search for a Biscotti user.  You can search for a Biscotti user by typing in their name, camera address, or even the nickname assigned to their camera.  This will show a list of all Biscotti users that match this search.  You can then click the Add button next to the contact you would like to add.


Additional details for Manually Adding a Contact:

Contact Name: This creates the overall name for your contact.  For Example: Frank Smith

Camera Name: This assigns a Nickname to that specific device in case your contact has multiple devices that you can call.  For Example: Frank’s Living Room

Camera Address: This is the actual SIP address for calling your contact.  For Example:

Photo: You can assign a photo that will display for non Biscotti contacts.

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