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What is different about the Biscotti?


 Biscotti needs only your HDTV and an internet connection .

-Large Screen Display 

Video calls are better on a big screen.  With Biscotti, you get to use your HDTV so you don’t have to settle for a small screen. 

-Call Virtually Anyone

Biscotti can call other Biscotti, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

-No Input Switching

Biscotti works seamlessly with a HDMI cable or satellite set-top box, so you don’t have to switch  inputs or channels to use it.

-Smart Features

Auto Tv On*, Auto Answer, TV Input Select*, Video Mail, Time-Lapse Videos, Encryption, Multiparty Calling, with more always on the way.

*Biscotti Auto TV On and TV Input Select technology requires that your HDTV be CEC-compatible.  In some cases this may need to be enabled on the TV first.


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