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Initial Setup for Best Experience


For the best experience, install Biscotti between your cable or satellite set-top box and your HDTV. 

Biscotti comes with an HDMI cable in the box.  Simply take your current HDMI cable from your set-top box and plug that into the HDMI In port on the back of your Biscotti.  Then take the included HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI Out port on your Biscotti and into your HDTV.  This will allow you to make and receive calls while watching TV without having to change inputs.


Internet Speed

Be sure your internet download and upload speeds are at least 1Mbps.  Biscotti will work with speeds down to 384 Kbps but may not be high-definition.  You can use the built in Network Test feature on your Biscotti to test your connection speed.


Wi-Fi Signal Strength

When connected to your network using Wi-Fi we recommend you have 4 bars of Wi-Fi signal strength.  This will help ensure you have the best call experience possible.

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