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How do I call Biscotti from other devices?


In order to place a call from another device to the Biscotti you will need a 3rd party application that allows for SIP based calling and a SIP account.

For example, the following is how you would setup the Bria 3 Client (purchased from CounterPath) with a free SIP account provided by for the Mac, PC, or mobile devices:

  1. Go to and create a free account.
  2. Once create you will be e-mailed SIP credentials as shown below.


       3.  Download and Install the version of Bria 3 for your device.

       4.  Launch Bria 3 and click the “Account settings” button shown in the image below.


        5.  This will display the Account – Preferences Screen.  Click the + and select New SIP Account as shown below.


      6.  Enter your sip2sip account information provided along with the password you created and click “OK”.  Shown below is how we would do this for the

           example account we previously received.


       7.  If the SIP account information was entered correctly you will a green light next to this account on the Accounts – Preferences page as shown below.




      Your Bria client is now ready to place a call.  You can either add a permanent contact into Bria or direct dial the Biscotti by following the steps below.

      To directly call Biscotti from Bria enter the camera address of the device you would like to dial then click the down arrow and select “Video Call” as shown.


        To add and dial Biscotti click the add contact button addcontactbutton.png found under the Contacts section of Bria.  If we wanted to call a Biscotti using the camera    

         address of we would fill out the Contact Editor as shown in the example below and then click “OK”.

         Then under the Contacts section of Bria do a right click (two finger click on Mac) on your new contact and select the “Video Call” button as shown below.



Note: For iOS and Android clients (smartphones and tablets) you will also need to download an expansion onto Bria which allows video calling.  Then under Settings --> Preferences select Enable Video and under Accounts --> Your Account --> Account Specific Features also be sure Enable Video, Always Offer Video, and Auto Send Video are selected as shown below.



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